Komplizen Film is a Berlin based independent film production company that stands for quality and excellence.

It was founded in 1999 by Janine Jackowski and Maren Ade during their studies at the Munich Academy for Film and Television. In 2010, Komplizen Film was joined by Jonas Dornbach as Partner and producer.

In 2019 we founded the television department Komplizen Series with David Keitsch as its Executive Producer. In addition, Komplizen Film is represented by Janina Schafft as a Managing Director since 2023.
In 2021 Komplizen Series joined the alliance “The Creatives” with nine other independent production companies, to work closely together on high-end drama series and to build a strategic partnership, network and sharing each other´s talent.

Our aim is to create films and series that reflect on contemporary society. We produce local content for an international audience and work with creatives distinguished by a unique signature. We believe in building long-term relationships with scriptwriters, directors and our partners. Our productions are award-winning, widely shown at prestigious festivals and aim to reach a broad audience.

Komplizen Film was awarded the Premio Raimondo Rezzonico2019 - Best Producer Award of the Locarno Film Festival and the DEFA Foundation Prize for Outstanding Achievements in German Film 2015.

Producers Janine Jackowski Maren Ade Jonas Dornbach Producer Series David Keitsch Managing Director Janina Schafft Assistent to the Producers Emil Klattenhoff Line Producer Janine Hahmann Jörg Trentmann Production Coordination Olivia Sieranski Jessica Mader Controlling Jolanka Höhn Head of Development Cora Frischling Development Producerin Tara Afsah Junior Producerin Christine Duttlinger Accounting Andrea Göpfert Office Manager Evelyn Radke
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