Jolanka Höhn,

Born in 1979 in East-Berlin.As a trained hotel manager, she works two years in London, UK. From 2004 onwards she takes on first film jobs in costume department, production and continuity. Between 2004 and 2017 she continuously works for a few months a year at the European Film Market`s accounting department (Berlinale). In 2006 she shoots her first short documentary "Unbroken", which later wins the Wiesbaden special prize at the Exground Film Festival in 2009.
From 2008 to 2016 she studies film production at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb). As part of her studies, she manages production of the horror thriller "The Samurai" by Till Kleinert and produces the rbb movie "Rauch" by Franziska Krentzien. She completes her studies with the documentary "Win by Fall" by Anna Koch and Julia Lemke, which is awarded best documentary at the Hofer Filmtage in 2016 and wins best director and best camera at Achtung Berlin! 2017.
Jolanka has been working in production accounting since 2017, initially as assistant in projects like “Gundermann” by Andreas Dresen and “Exile” by Visar Morina.
In 2019 she begins working as freelance production accountant for the documentary film “Republic Of Silence” by Diana El Jeiroudi, the experimental feature film “Afterwater” by Dane Komljen, followed by the German shoot of the mini-series “Lisey's Story” by Pablo Larraín, and the feature films “Le Prince ” by Lisa Bierwirth and “Raspberries With Mustard” by Ruth Olshan.
In April 2022, Jolanka joins the Komplizen Film team in the Controlling department.


"Afterwater", feature film by Dane Komljen (Production Accountant)


"Le Prince", feature film by Lisa Bierwirth (Production Accountant)

"Rasperries With Mustard", feature film by Ruth Olshan (Production Accountant)

"Lisey’s Story", Mini-Series by Pablo Larraín (Production Accountant, German Shoot)

"Two Minutes To Midnight", mid-length feature by Yael Bartana (Production Accountant)

"Outside Noise", mid-length feature by Ted Fendt (Production Accountant)

"Republic Of Silence", documentary by Diana El Jeiroudi (Production Accountant)


"Exile", feature film by Visar Morina (Assistant Production Accountant)


"O Beautiful Night", feature film by Xaver Xylophon Böhm (Assistant Production Accountant)


"Gundermann", feature film by Andreas Dresen (Assistant Production Accountant)

Herzkino Märchen: "Der Froschkönig", TV-Movie by Jeanette Wagner (Assistant Production Accountant)

Herzkino Märchen: "Schneeweißchen" & Rosenrot, TV- Movie by Seyhan Derin (Assistant Production Accountant)


"Win By Fall", documentary by Anna Koch & Julia Lemke (Producer)


"The Samurai", feature film by Till Kleinert (Production Manager)


"Before The Starlings Leave", mid-length feature by Ingmar Schuster (Producer)


"Rauch", mid-length feature by Franziska Krentzien (Producer)


"Rita", short film by Kristina Shtubert (Producer)


"Keine 20 mehr", short film (Script+Director+Producer)

"The Boy Who Wouldn’t Kill", mid-length feature by Linus de Paoli (Continuity)


"All Ears", short documentary (Script+Director+Producer)

"Cowboy", short film by Till Kleinert (Unit Manager)


"Unbroken", short documentary (Script+Director+Producer)


"Emilia", feature film by Henrik Pfeifer (Costumes/Wardrobe)